Foxhunters OnLine

Foxhunters OnLine email (aka FOL) was an email discussion forum that was created in early 1996 to allow foxhunting enthusiasts around the world to converse via email about topics related to mounted foxhunting. It started with a few dozen subscribers, as email and internet access was still somewhat of a novelty at that time. As more foxhunters ventured into the online world, FOL became more popular, reaching over 600 subscribers. At times, discussion became so active that it was pumping dozens of email messages per day into subscribers' inboxes.

For about 20 years, FOL connected foxhunters around the world. But, as the internet evolved, other avenues of communication opened that provided a more suitable format for discussion than email. Web forums and Facebook groups provided a more interactive experience without the email overload.

As foxhunters adopted the new technology, the message traffic on FOL dwindled. By the end of 2015, it had diminished to no more than a few messages per month, which were usually just ads for horses or hunt gear for sale.

In 2018, shortly after the twentieth anniversary of FOL's creation, it was decided that since the only messages on FOL in over a year had been ads, which was not the original intent behind FOL, it was no longer serving the purpose for which it was created. As that purpose was now being better served by other online venues, FOL was decommissioned.

For other venues for online discussion of mounted foxhunting and related topics, check out Foxhunters On Facebook or the Hunting Forum provided by Chronicle of the Horse.

The FOL archives, providing over 20 years of discussion of topics germane to foxhunting, are still available for reference at Happy Browsing!