Welcome to Foxhunters OnLine

This is the home of the Foxhunters OnLine email discussion list (aka FOL), which allows foxhunting enthusiasts around the world to converse via email about topics related to mounted foxhunting. The links below provide information useful to subscribers, or anyone interested in subscribing.

Subscriber Instructions
This page contains instructions and guidelines for participating in the FOL discussion. All subscribers are expected to read this page and abide by the guidelines and instructions here. Failure to do so will result in your inability to participate in the discussion.
List FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about FOL list operation. If you're having trouble, please read this before asking for help. If you find the answer here, you will save both yourself and the list manager some time.
Foxhunters OnLine Archives
All messages sent to FOL are stored in a searchable web archive, so that anyone who is interested can see any messages that have been posted since the list was created on Feb 5, 1996. A search page allows you to search for topics of interest.
Best of FOL
Some of the more eloquent, amusing, or educational contributions to FOL have been collected here for easy reference or amusement. If you have a favorite that's not included here, and think it's worthy of recognition, suggest it to the list manager.
Multi-Media Goodies
This is a miscellaneous collection of non-text files (images, sounds etc.) that subscribers have contributed.
Foxhunting Heroes
Tributes to individuals who have been wonderful assets to the foxhunting community.
Foxhunting on the Web
A list of websites which may be of interest to hunters.

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